Green Heron

A few weeks ago, I went to Langton Lake Park located in Roseville, Minnesota to photograph some birds. I have never photographed a green heron before, so I was hoping I would get a picture of one before they migrated south this year. To my surprise, I found 5 green herons at the lake! TheContinue reading “Green Heron”

Great Horned Owl

A few weeks ago I heard that there was a pair of Great horned owls nesting at Silverwood Park. So last week I went to check it out. The first day I went to Silverwood, I was hoping I could find the nest but could only find one of the adults. The second day IContinue reading “Great Horned Owl”

Scarlet Tanager

On Saturday May 14th, I walked around the Eastman Nature Center hoping to find some migratory birds to photograph. I found a male Scarlet tanager in the trees that caught an insect. The Scarlet tanager is a bright colorful migratory songbird that is placed in the cardinal family. The Scarlet tanager migrates twice a year.Continue reading “Scarlet Tanager”

Opossum In My Yard

Last week I saw a Virginia Opossum walking in my yard when it was freezing cold outside. I have never seen an opossum in my yard before, so it was amazing to witness. Virginia opossums are marsupials and generally live 1- 4 years. Marsupials are a type of mammal that have pouches for their youngContinue reading “Opossum In My Yard”


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