Phoenix Arizona 2022

Before the year ended, I traveled to Phoenix Arizona, to escape the dreadful snowstorm up north. During the winter season, Arizona’s weather is around mid-60s F. As for the summer, temps can reach over 100 F! During my week’s stay, I hiked a couple mountains and captured beautiful landscape shots as well as pictures ofContinue reading “Phoenix Arizona 2022”

My Summer as a Pathways Intern

This Spring, I found out Three Rivers Park District had a Pathways Internship Program that hires high school and college students to work at different locations throughout the park district as a paid intern. I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and a desire to share it with others. This seemed like the perfectContinue reading “My Summer as a Pathways Intern”

Florida Special Edition

For two weeks in the winter, I am vacationing down in Florida. Florida is known as the sunshine state. I have seen many unique different kinds of birds down here. In fall, birds will migrate down to the lower states to get away from the winter. Kissimmee Lakefront Park- I went to Kissimmee Lakefront ParkContinue reading “Florida Special Edition”