Fall 2022 Pictures

With the days getting shorter and fall migration past us, there hasn’t been that much activity. For birds, the majority have migrated to South America to escape the freezing cold winter, while some remain to call themselves snowbirds.

Island Lake County Park, Shoreview MN:

Last month, I went to Island Lake County Park in Shoreview and photographed a group of Blue Jays, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a Double-crested Cormorant. Taking pictures of the warblers was difficult as they were quick and nimble. But in the end, I got a few pictures of them. When I was photographing the group of blue jays, I noticed that they were foraging for acorns that had fallen from the tree. As I walked around the lake for a little bit, I went to the edge of the lake hoping to see any waterbirds. Though none were there, I got pictures of a cormorant flying low across the lake. Last but not least I managed to get a shot of a squirrel finding a peanut and eating it.

Eastman Nature Center, Dayton MN:

One evening, in early October, I signed up for a golden-hour photography hike at Eastman Nature Center. As I hiked around the park reserve, the group took landscape pictures of colorful trees and flowers. As the group was wrapping up the hike, we all heard coyotes yipping in the distance. Last but not least, I got pictures of the moon brightly shining in the sky.

Luceline Orchard, Watertown MN:

One cold 40 degrees morning, I went to an orchard to not only pick apples but to photograph anything that interests me. There were several sights to see at the orchard like farm animals, bumpy hay rides, and a corn maze.

One thing I noticed while at the orchard, is that roosters have a “nictating membrane” or what is commonly known as a “third eyelid”. The nictating membrane is a transparent membrane protecting the eye while maintaining visibility. Animals like fish, reptiles, birds, and most mammals all have it.

Lowry Nature Center, Victoria MN:

Lastly, I went south to Lowry Nature Center for a raptors program they had and got a few shots of the Barred Owl they were showing. After the event, I decided to walk some of the park looking for any other birds to photograph. On my way out, I got a picture of a Trumpeter Swan resting on a shallow part of the pond.

Hope you enjoyed the photos from places in Minnesota during the fall.
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Published by PalmerLakeNature

I am a nature-loving teen who photographs all the cool nature in Minnesota and around the world. My goal is to share my passion for the outdoors with others. I was an Outdoor Education Intern at Mississippi Gateway Regional Park in the summer of 2022 where I helped with the summer educational programs. I am also active with the Best Buy Teen Tech Center where I do coding, graphic design, photography, and 3D printing. A few of my photos have been published in a newsletter by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation. Minneapolis Parks and Rec has also published my nature photos on their Facebook page. Current Equipment: Canon 90D, Tamron 100-400mm Lens, 50mm Lens

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