Winter Photos 2022

Here are some photos that I took this week.

Here are pictures of some entrances around Palmer Lake. There are woodchip trails that lead you right next to the lake.

Here are some pictures that I took of some robins. They were drinking from a small creek. Sorry if the pictures are blurry.

Here are some white-tailed deer. There was three of them all standing still. There will be a post about white-tailed deer soon.

There are a few paper wasp nests at Palmer Lake. It’s interesting to see the inside of one.

If you walk around Palmer Lake in the winter time you will find these crabby ducks. There are about 30 male and female mallards all huddled up in a pond that is eighty percent frozen. All winter you will hear them just quack over and over. They are always making a lot of noise and are fighting with each other because it’s cold.

This is called a red twig dogwood bush. They stand out in the winter time.

This is what the lake looks like in the winter. It is two small lakes that connect and follow into Shingle Creek. Here is a image of what I mean.

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Published by PalmerLakeNature

I am a nature-loving teen who photographs all the cool nature in Minnesota and around the world. My goal is to share my passion for the outdoors with others. I was an Outdoor Education Intern at Mississippi Gateway Regional Park in the summer of 2022 where I helped with the summer educational programs. I am also active with the Best Buy Teen Tech Center where I do coding, graphic design, photography, and 3D printing. A few of my photos have been published in a newsletter by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation. Minneapolis Parks and Rec has also published my nature photos on their Facebook page. Current Equipment: Canon 90D, Tamron 100-400mm Lens, 50mm Lens

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